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Jealousy 'fuels exotic holidays'

04 August 2011 09:24

General view of the Opera House in Sydney, Australia

General view of the Opera House in Sydney, Australia

The latest survey by Teletext Holidays has found that many Britons want to experience the same holiday excitement that their friends enjoy at an exotic location.

According to the survey carried out on 3,000 people in the UK, more than a quarter (27%) of them have admitted booking holidays after viewing friends' pictures of the vacation or reading their updates on social networking sites.

Some of them even go to the extent of booking the same hotel as their friends in order to have the same experience.

As jealousy is the driving factor for most people in determining where they go on holiday, about 12% do not look at holiday snaps as they are too jealous and 11% do not listen to friends' stories of their trips.

But wherever they decide to go, it is best to take out a travel insurance policy that protects themselves against unforeseen events especially while travelling abroad.

In the poll, Australia has emerged as the top destination that leaves most people feeling envious about their friend's trips followed by the Bahamas, Barbados and the USA.

Mark Bloxham, marketing director of Teletext Holidays said: "More people are updating their status from their sun lounger or posting photos of themselves at the airport, on the beach or next to a world famous landmark, so it's not surprising that anyone reading it wants some of the excitement for themselves."