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LA airport unveils new luxury terminal

17 May 2017 08:42

Travellers heading to LA could benefit from luxury airport facilities

Travellers heading to LA could benefit from luxury airport facilities

Holidaymakers who would like to sample the high life can now do so at one of the major airports of the United States.

A new terminal has now opened at Los Angeles International Airport in California, which is designed specifically for the likes of celebrities and jet-setters.

A taste of the high life

Offering a combination of both privacy and luxury, the 22 million dollar (£17 million) facility opened at the start of this week.

Dubbed the Private Suite, it offers things like an exclusive entrance, one-on-one security screening and relaxed lounge areas.

But the luxury doesn't end there. That's because when people using the new terminal need to catch their flight, they can simply hop into a private car and get driven to their aircraft directly.

However, the cost of using the new service could hold some people back. Travellers will need to pay 3,500 dollars (£2,700) for a domestic flight, or 4,000 dollars (£3,100) if they're departing on an international flight from the airport. For the really well-off, annual memberships are also on offer.

A security consulting firm helped to design the new facility, with the service expected to generate revenues of 35 million dollars (£27 million) for the airport over a nine year period.

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