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Mencap reveals parents' holiday worries

04 January 2016 12:33

Everyone wants to be able to relax on holiday

Everyone wants to be able to relax on holiday

A family holiday should provide the time for parents and children alike to relax and perhaps take part in a few new activities.

But the results of a new survey suggest that while a good travel insurance policy can give them some peace of mind, thousands of mums and dads whose children have learning disabilities still worry about going away on holiday with them.

Well over half (58%) those quizzed by Mencap say they are concerned about the attitudes they will encounter among members of the public when they go on a break with their children.

Attitudes 'need to be challenged'

The learning disability charity says the findings highlight the importance of challenging discriminatory attitudes.

More than two fifths (42%) of those questioned say they are concerned about attitudes among the staff who will be dealing with them while they are away on holiday.

Almost as many (39%) say they fear appropriate childcare will be lacking, while nearly one in three (30%) have concerns about skill levels among holiday staff.

Nearly two thirds (62%) of the parents quizzed say they think they will encounter problems getting the support or care their children will need while they are on holiday. Among them, 86% say they believe the problems will be significant.

Mencap's Rossanna Trudgian says it is vitally important for society to challenge discriminatory attitudes towards those with learning disabilities.

'Kids clubs are vital'

She says with families' holiday experiences hinging on a positive attitude from staff and members of the public, encouraging people to see the child - rather than the disability - is vital.

Ms Trudgian says while facilities like kids clubs and childcare can give children access to various activities while giving parents time to relax, it is important that they are geared up to those with learning disabilities.

Mencap questioned 400 parents of children with learning disabilities.