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New clothes bump up holiday costs

14 May 2013 09:36

New holiday outfits are a must-have for some women

New holiday outfits are a must-have for some women

Buying a new holiday wardrobe is making the cost of a summer break a third more expensive for women, research has shown.

After spending £710 on flights and accommodation, the average woman forks out £245 on things such as swimwear, summer dresses, vests, sandals, shorts, jewellery, sunglasses, beach bags, make-up and sun lotion. That's according to a survey by travel agent, which polled 1,927 women aged 18 and over, all of whom had been on a vacation in the past year.

However, when buying a new holiday wardrobe women should also remember to arrange travel insurance so they have as much peace of mind as they do style when jetting off.

The main motivation for buying new holiday clothes instead of using their existing ones was vanity, with 21% admitting they had invested in a new wardrobe to ensure they didn't look the same in their holiday photos as previous trips abroad. co-founder Chris Clarkson said people forget about other costs involved in holidays on top of the flight and accommodation spend.

He said: "My advice would be for people to really take a look at the clothes and accessories they already have, because there's no need to buy new items each time you go away."