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Revealed: The airport travel times best avoided

10 May 2016 08:05

A new airport survival guide recommends the least congested times

A new airport survival guide recommends the least congested times

With the summer travel season looming, a new survival guide is recommending to holiday-goers which periods are best avoided.

The Telegraph's guide claims that timing a journey is key to preventing a holiday from starting off with tension.

The newspaper says that prompt check-ins, uncongested planes and quick restaurant or bar service are all more likely if peak times are steered clear of.

It says that the following times are generally no-no's:

• between early and mid-mornings

• bank holidays

• between early and mid-evenings

• between Fridays and Monday mornings

The guide says that these periods are the best times to fly:

• the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning time-frames can be an exception to the busy weekend rule

• weekday lunchtimes to late afternoons

Tips for stress-free trips

As well as finding times for quieter airports, another way to guard against stressful starts to holidays is to take out travel insurance. This covers tourists against the worst mishaps that can happen abroad.

Avoid the holiday hordes

Few things create crowded airports more than the start of the major school holidays in the sunnier months.

This year's major summer and half-term holiday weekends fall on July 23-24 and May 28-29 respectively.

The Telegraph guide warns that French, Italian and Spanish holiday traditions have even less flexibility, bringing even more crowded airports.

European dates to avoid

According to the newspaper, these include:

July 30: no travel date in France is more congested than this one as the country's 'le depart' brings delays to airports, railways and roads.

August 6: another peak weekend for the French as well as Spaniards and Italians, as they flock to the coast

August 20-21: this is the weekend when thousands of tourists head back after the Assumption religious festival

August 27: the busy 'le retour' brings travel chaos especially to parts of northern France