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Scottish workers 'keen to book holidays in January'

11 January 2016 08:40

Scottish workers' daydreams can turn into holidays in January

Scottish workers' daydreams can turn into holidays in January

Scottish staff are not shy of using their employers' time and equipment to book holidays in January, a new study suggests.

Travelbag's survey of 500 Scottish employees finds that two in three of them will research and reserve their trip this month, taking a typical 150 minutes.

The online holiday site says the majority of them will do so without guilt.

Safety first

They might have ordered a dream Caribbean cruise, a weekend city break on the Continent or a skiing holiday in the Alps. But it's a fair bet that workers may also have booked their travel insurance in the workplace.

Such cover gives them peace of mind, protecting against the pitfalls that can occur, especially on the snowy peaks.

Reasons for January holiday bookings

The top reasons include:

- 36% say they can secure the best deals

- 30% claim it gives them a post-Christmas tonic

- 13% say it has become a new habit

Key stats

According to the research:

- 1 in 5 booked their holiday last weekend

- 1 in 4 claim they will pay for their break this week in the workshop or office

- July is the most popular time to book a holiday for, followed by the months of June, September and February in second, third and fourth places respectively

- 1 in 5 people pay for their trips using their plastic

- 68% say they pay for their breaks with savings

- 1 in 8 claim they use the contents of last month's pay packet to finance their vacation

What the expert says

Paul Hopkinson from Travelbag says he is not shocked that this month is the most popular for booking holidays as a way of beating "post-Christmas blues".

He doubts if using work time to daydream about beaches will be well received by bosses, however.