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Travel jobs boost revealed by Ryanair

19 May 2016 07:58

George Osborne meets cabin crew during his visit

George Osborne meets cabin crew during his visit

More and more travellers look set to fly with Ryanair after the Irish carrier announced a near-£1 billion expansion plan involving 450 new British jobs.

Michael O'Leary, the flight firm's CEO, revealed the plans this week.

He said the £976 million proposals will bring 1,000 jobs across the world, including 450 at 13 of its British-based airports.

Mr O'Leary's announcement coincided with the launch of Ryanair's new European training facility based at Essex's London Stansted Airport.

The airline hopes the investment will help swell passenger figures from 36 million to 41 million during 2016.

Passengers flying out of the UK on Ryanair routes to places such as Berlin, Warsaw, Alicante, Lanzarote, Tenerife and Milan will be offered an extra 14 additional Boeing 737-800 planes to travel on.

Where will the new jobs be?

Ryanair says there will be fresh positions for:

• pilots

• engineers

• cabin crew

Travelling with confidence

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The new training centre

The new Stansted-based training facility includes:

• 4 new flight simulators

• a full-size engineering training plane

• a full-scale plane interior to help train Ryanair cabin crew

How aviation contributes to the UK economy

Aviation is a substantial player in the British economy.

Ryanair alone will be employing 3,500-plus flight professionals in the UK after the latest cash infusion. This is as well as supporting jobs running into thousands at the company's 18 British travel hubs.

London Stansted Airport says that the home aviation industry employs roughly one million staff.

Chancellor at Stansted

George Osborne, the Chancellor, was at Stansted to hear the announcement being made.

He expressed his "delight" at the news.