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Travellers consult web advice first

19 February 2014 21:23

Over half of holidaymakers won't commit to a destination before searching for online reviews first

Over half of holidaymakers won't commit to a destination before searching for online reviews first

More and more tourists are studying online traveller reviews before committing to a holiday, according to a new poll.

Well over half of travellers worldwide won't commit to a destination booking before they have first read reviews from other holidaymakers.

It suggests that such research is becoming as much a part of planning trips abroad as booking travel insurance when it comes to getting peace of mind.

Tourists don't want to leave anything to chance, so they are increasingly doing their homework first to find out what other visitors make of their intended destination.

The independent study, conducted by PhoCusWright on behalf of TripAdvisor, was undertaken towards the end of last year.

Holidaymakers consult TripAdvisor frequently, the survey found.

Over three in 10 (29%) browse the site many times a month, 12% claim they consult the site at least once a week, while 26% often use the site over once a week.

This means that over two-thirds of the people polled (67%) check TripAdvisor at least a few times a month.

Over 80% claim the site's reviews help them feel more optimistic with their choices decisions, and help them to enjoy a better getaway.

Of adults surveyed, more than nine out of 10 (93%) think that a hotel stay is very important to the general holiday experience.

Barbara Messing, TripAdvisor's chief marketing officer, said: "There is no denying that reviews are a powerful and significant part of the travel planning experience."

Ms Messing said the findings of this report highlight the key part that reviews play.

She said they emphasise the notion that people are becoming more social as travellers and show the essential nature of reviews to hospitality businesses.

Ms Messing added: "Not only are travellers referencing reviews before they book, they are clearly more highly engaged by businesses that respond to reviews."