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Coronavirus: what should you expect at the airport?

12 October 2020 09:11

Don't forget to pack your face mask.

Don't forget to pack your face mask.

Familiarise yourself with the new normal at airports across the UK and make sure there are no surprises before you set off on your next getaway...

Arrive on your own

According to the latest government guidance, unless you are flying with members of your household or your support bubble, you should arrive at the airport on your own. All non-travellers are advised to stay away from airports so you can expect to see fewer farewells at the terminal. The rule applies to everyone apart from disabled passengers, unaccompanied children or anyone who may need help getting to and from their flight.

Your terminal may have changed

Many airports are operating with a reduced number of terminals. Heathrow for example, has moved all flights to Terminals 2 and 5. Although you might be used to airlines leaving from a particular gate these details might have changed. It's best to check which terminal you'll be flying from in advance to avoid confusion.

You'll have to wear a face mask

In airports in England, Scotland and Wales you'll have to wear a face covering. The rules are slightly different in Northern Ireland, where it's only recommended that you wear a face covering inside terminal buildings. There will be signs on the floor to encourage people to keep their social distance and you'll also notice new sanitising stations. You should use these on arrival and after making contact with trolleys, handrails or any other shared surfaces.

Lounges and shops may be closed

Once you're through security you might find that things are quieter than usual. Some shops and restaurants have temporarily closed due to the pandemic, so you should make sure you pick up your travel essentials before you set off for the airport. Lounges in some smaller and regional airports may also be closed, so complimentary drinks and snacks may be out of the question. The airside shops and restaurants that remain open will have social distancing measures in place.

There may be coronavirus tests in the future

Coronavirus tests may become routine when you arrive back home at a UK airport. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is currently assessing whether a test on arrival and another test seven days later will be a feasible way of reducing the need for 14 days of self-isolation. Public Health England have advised against temperature screening technology as the difference between a normal body temperature and the temperature of someone with Covid-19 is just 1°C, and open to errors.

Find the perfect cover for your trip

At World First we provide worldwide travel insurance, which automatically includes cover for certain types of disruption caused by COVID-19, so you can travel with peace of mind wherever you decide to explore.