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What type of holidaymaker are you?

27 May 2014 08:55

Are you a sun worshipper?

Are you a sun worshipper?

All holidaymakers enjoy different things. Some like to spend every minute relaxing on the beach while others prefer to keep busy by looking for new things to see and do.

Research by travel website suggests there are 10 distinct types of traveller - so which one are you?

You could be the organiser, who treats every holiday like a military exercise and loves early morning wakeup calls to grab the best sunbeds.

Or maybe you are the old reliable, who lives the mantra: 'If it isn't broke, don't fix it'. They like to visit the same place every year, stay at the same hotel, eat at the same restaurants, and take part in the same activities.

Then there is the adventurer. Bored at the idea of repetition, they crave new things to see and do on a daily basis. If you are standing still, even to just eat an ice cream, is not a holiday in their eyes. You should be at least exploring while eating ice cream.

At the other end of the scale is the sun worshipper, who will spend as much time on the beach as physically possible. They love a tan and will only think about moving from the sand when their skin begins to fall off.

The bargain hunter will always look for the best prices, no matter if it is a hotel room or a bag of chips, while the culture vulture will spend every last minute of a holiday in museums and art galleries.

Honeymooners are among the easiest holidaymakers to spot as they are constantly cuddling up to each other, as is the socks-and-sandals stalwart who loves the outdoors, but the outdoors does not love them.

For the all-inclusive it is all about what freebies they can get their hands on, while the money-no-object will be staying on their own private island.

Whichever type of holidaymaker you are, you still need travel insurance, so remember to purchase this before you jet off.