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Where can you afford to see in New Year?

04 January 2016 12:32

Athens is said to offer Europe's cheapest hotel accommodation on New Year's Eve

Athens is said to offer Europe's cheapest hotel accommodation on New Year's Eve

Britons thinking about taking a European city break to see in the New Year may find that Moscow or Athens will offer them the best value for money.

A new survey of 30 major destinations conducted by TravelMag shows that the Greek capital is offering the cheapest accommodation for New Year's Eve.

The least expensive double room available in Athens in a three-star hotel or better will cost them just £27, leaving plenty of money left over for food, drink, flights and travel insurance.

'Room near Red Square for less than £50'

According to the survey travellers should also be able to find a similar room in the Russian capital for under £50 on December 31.

While getting to Edinburgh to celebrate Hogmanay may not necessitate flying, revellers will need to have plenty of cash to pay for their accommodation there.

TravelMag says Scotland's capital is the most expensive to stay in at New Year with the cheapest comparable room there costing £302. That is nearly six times more expensive than normal January prices.

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, and Amsterdam are the second and third dearest European cities to say goodbye to 2015 in. The cheapest rooms there, the survey shows, are priced at £296 and £236 respectively.

'Dublin among most expensive cities'

Those staying in the German city of Hamburg to see in 2016 will also have to fork out more than £200 for the cheapest double room in a similar hotel.

A night's accommodation in London won't cost less than £187, the survey suggests, with the cheapest rooms in the rest of Europe's 10 most expensive cities - Vienna, Venice, Dublin, Prague and Copenhagen - ranging in price from £142 to £179.

Although the cheapest room available in the Czech Republic's capital, Prague, costs little over half as much as one in Edinburgh, the £156 minimum price is a whopping 642% higher than the normal January rate.

The survey only includes centrally located hotels with at least three stars and positive guest reviews.