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Work out the 'true' cost of flying

11 February 2016 07:59

The Grand Place in Lille

The Grand Place in Lille

Holidaymakers can now work out for themselves the 'true' price of a flight abroad using a new website calculator.

The Eurostar device helps travellers estimate the total cost of flying to Brussels and Paris out of London, dependent on the amount of bags they bring.

The trans-Channel rail firm says this is important information to have because flight passengers' extra baggage costs typically amount to more than £32.

Travel insurance benefits

The true price of flying can extend beyond just baggage extras. Losing a passport or having a flight delayed can prove costly too.

This is where travel insurance can come in so handy. Cover can also include round-the-clock medical assistance, lost pills and a range of other insurance services.

Eurostar destinations

The rail company offers services to places like:

-Calais: Britons can arrive at this popular shopping port in just over an hour.

-Paris: This is the perfect romantic city with its magnificent art galleries, museums, snug little restaurants and landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower.

-Lille: Magnificent architecture such as the central Grand Place, boutiques aplenty and Europe's biggest book store (Furet du Nord) help to make Lille a "must-see" gem. Visitors can also see Van Dyck, Rubens and other Dutch masters at the Palace of Fine Arts or even endangered rhinos at Lille Zoo.

Eurostar also has easy connections to tourism hotspots like Chalon En Champagne and Metz.

Creature comforts

Eurostar's survey of 3,000 people found that British travellers take the following items with them:

-tea bags (49%)

-slippers (36%)

-exercise gear (16%), compared to six in 10 French people

-bathroom cabinet necessities, averaging out at 13 items per person

-the 25 to 34 age range take at least six gadgets away with them