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World's most friendly and unfriendly city breaks revealed

18 August 2014 09:24

The world's most friendly and unfriendly cities have been revealed in a new poll

The world's most friendly and unfriendly cities have been revealed in a new poll

Melbourne in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand have been named the world's friendliest cities - with Johannesburg named the most unfriendly, according to a new survey.

Conde Nast Traveler magazine said it was "no surprise" that readers should be so fond of Melbourne, which it described as "Australia's capital of cool", while Sydney also made the magazine's top 10 friendliest cities.

Auckland folk meanwhile were praised for their "humour" and cheerful outlook on life. Other places which made the cut were the temple gateway Siem Reap in Cambodia, Dublin's "vibrant" streets and Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina representing for the US.

There were less welcome results for some of the world's major cities, though, with Chinese capital Beijing's traffic and pollution singled out for particular criticism, while the French port of Marseille was described as "threatening".

"Overcrowded" principality Monaco, "forgettable" Cannes and "aloof" Paris made it a painful survey for French locations, while Johannesburg's crime rate was raised as a matter of serious concerndespite its natural beauty.

Car-jackings are a feature of the crime landscape in Johannesburg and elsewhere in South Africa, with some insurance companies refusing to insure certain vehicles in certain areas.

People travelling to the city are reminded of the importance of comprehensive travel insurance, which offers peace of mind in the event of a holidaymaker falling victim to crime such as theft.

However, Cape Town redressed the balance somewhat for South Africa, with its natural wonders scoring highly among travellers.