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Airline continues to research in-flight calls

15 September 2008 14:21

Airline continues to research in-flight calls

Virgin Atlantic has revealed that it will continue to research whether its customers want to be able to make mobile phone calls while on board or not.

Last week, regulator Ofcom gave the nod to permitting air passengers to chat on their mobile phones while flying.

But despite it being approved in terms of safety, it is not yet known what the lifting of such restrictions will have on passengers themselves.

Concerns have been raised that the constant buzzing and ringing of mobile phones along with the chatter that inevitably goes with this could be disturbing to those trying to relax on a flight.

A spokeswoman for Virgin Atlantic said: "At the moment, evidence suggests our passengers would prefer data-only calls and we are studying the technology to see what's available in the future.

"Our passengers can already send and receive emails and make outgoing phone calls using our in-flight entertainment system."