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Don't let theft get the better of you abroad!

30 April 2010 18:45

Don't let theft get the better of you abroad!

Although it may not be a very pleasant thing to think about as you plan for a holiday in the sun, considering the possibility of theft or the loss of your belongings could help you to avoid it happening in the long run.

A new survey from Direct Line travel insurance has revealed that a fifth of travellers have been victims of theft while on their holidays, with 41 per cent reporting having had cash stolen.

Some 20 per cent of Brits said they have had a camera stolen in the past, perhaps because they left it out on a table or easily visible at the top of a bag.

The poll suggested that many tourists may not be taking enough care of their belongings, as 24 per cent had experienced a theft from their accommodation and ten per cent had had items taken from a car.

However, 16 per cent of theft victims admitted that they had not taken out any travel insurance cover, meaning they would not have been able to claim their money back afterwards.

Direct Line spokesperson Jennifer Thomas said cutting back on essentials such as travel insurance could prove costly.

"Holidaymakers should protect themselves by ensuring that they have travel insurance in place to cover against any losses should the worst happen," she insisted.

Obviously, we agree that this is incredibly important. However, you could also reduce the likelihood of theft and therefore of having to make a claim on your insurance by following some simple rules.

Always lock up your valuables and documents in your accommodation's safe - ask about one as soon as you get there, as it may not automatically be provided.

Also, take photocopies of your passport and driving licence before you leave home, as these could be useful should the originals get lost.

If you do get your original passport stolen, you'll need to contact the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office via a British Embassy as soon as possible, and they will issue you with an emergency document that will get you back to the UK. However, you'll need further identification and you'll probably have to pay a fee.

When it comes to your money and personal effects, use caution. Don't carry wads of cash around - instead, why not load money onto a number of pre-paid travel cards? These are great and thieves won't have any access to your bank account should they get hold of one.

Put cameras away when you have finished with them and don't dress up to the nines to head for the beach, otherwise you'll be a target for pickpockets.

And finally, keep all reports and receipts from the police if you do have to report a theft, as these will be needed if you have to make a claim on your travel insurance.

Check out our website if you need any more tips, as well as to take out cover at great prices.

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