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Holidaymakers without travel insurance are 'irresponsible'

29 January 2009 06:55

Holidaymakers without travel insurance are 'irresponsible'

Taking out an annual travel insurance policy before heading overseas on holiday is becoming more and more important, an expert has claimed.

According to James Furze, managing director at family holiday insurance provider, the significant risks that face travellers make it "irresponsible" to set off without proper cover.

He suggested that doing so would be to take a "very short-sighted view", adding that a number of holidaymakers still view policies as a "grudging purchase" while many more don't take out any cover at all.

"The concerning thing is that a lot of travel insurance is sold on price but customers are not really thinking about what they are getting for their money," warned Mr Furze.

"It's not difficult to research online, but it is irresponsible to not take out cover."

A report issued by earlier this month indicated that 34 per cent of Brits will willingly spend a whole day attempting to uncover the best holiday deals online.

However, just 44 per cent of these people spend more than 30 minutes arranging and purchasing their travel insurance.