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Iceland 'a good budget break'

25 September 2009 10:47

Iceland 'a good budget break'

Holidaymakers looking to save cash on a break could find that a holiday to Iceland offers them the chance to get away without spending a great deal of money - which may leave cash left over to invest in a good quality travel insurance policy although frequent travellers may be better suited to annual travel insurance, which could save even more moeny.

Travel expert at Bob Atkinson said that due to the collapse of the Icelandic banking sector and the ensuing economic problems, the Icelandic exchange rate has "gone through the floor".

If there are savings to be had on other aspects of a holiday, Brits may want to spend more on their travel insurance policy to try and ensure that any problems they have on a break are covered and they are not left out of pocket.

Offering advice to those who choose to still take an expensive holiday to a high-cost country, where they may not get much currency to the pound, Mr Atkinson said "do lots of research online and look in guide books, look out for where the value places are and where the locals eat out".

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