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'Adventurous Brits' looking for exotic locations in 2008

26 January 2009 12:07

'Adventurous Brits' looking for exotic locations in 2008

British travellers are likely to continue to take "intrepid, adventurous" holidays in 2008, according to experts.

With many people taking out backpacking travel insurance to cover them for trips to exotic places around the globe, travellers are looking further and further abroad for their fix of the exotic, claims travel specialist STA Travel.

Celia Pronto, STA Travel UK marketing director, explained: "Our travellers are intrepid, adventurous and optimistic and in the past, they have been among the first to revisit a destination after events which have held off most tourists.

"In 2008 we predict that they will be trailblazing destinations such as Panama, which is growing fast in popularity, and rushing back to New Orleans that has suffered so much in recent years."

She added that travellers are increasingly heading to locations such as Nepal, while "Bali and Sri Lanka. Honolulu, Buenos Aires and Saigon are also hot destinations for 2008".