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Backpackers, tourists heading to 'new' world destinations

26 January 2009 11:32

Backpackers, tourists heading to 'new' world destinations

Thousands of backpackers are set to head off to sunnier climes this month as the British winter weather sets in – and some are choosing to explore destinations off the beaten track.

This year's annual survey by has listed locations such as Mozambique, St Lucia and Montenegro in its top ten destinations for 2008, with many attracting British travellers keen for a new experience.

Ecuador, San Diego, Puerto Escondido and the Oaxacan Coast in Mexico, Hainan Island in China and Oman are also on the list, along with more local destinations such as Paris and Sicily.

"Many of the destinations on this year's list have undergone a
transformation," said Peter J Frank, editor-in-chief of

"Mozambique was in a bloody civil war 15 years ago, and it has blossomed into a safari and scuba diving mecca, with a vibrant capital."

However, travellers are urged to prepare themselves for any trip abroad, making sure they read up on unfamiliar locations and buy adequate travel insurance cover.