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Common sense and travel insurance could protect gap year travellers

09 February 2010 13:21

Common sense and travel insurance could protect gap year travellers

Keeping your wits about you and having a good backpackers travel insurance policy to fall back on should the worst happen is the best way for gap year travellers to stay safe on holiday.

Cathy Goodyer, a spokesperson for travel provisions company Nomad, said that she has seen too often cases where people do not look after their money in public and are then caught short by theft because they are not covered by cheap policies.

When asked what those on a gap year could do to protect themselves against theft, she explained that common sense methods are the best.

"You've just got to take simple precautions. Split up your money. Don't even discuss it with your friends. You've got to keep your high risk stuff with you, like your passport," she urged.

And when it comes to travel insurance, Cathy insisted that you shouldn't even think about going without, as it could help to get you home in case of a dire emergency.

Last month, Sean Tipton from ABTA - The Travel Association warned travellers that they should check the level of cover their travel insurance offers them, as it may not be as high as they assume.

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