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Gap years can look positive on a CV

06 August 2009 07:24

Gap years can look positive on a CV

People who take gap years after they are made redundant could find that their job prospects are increased by such a trip.

According to, many young professionals who find themselves out of work could find it cheaper to travel than to remain at home "looking unemployed".

Tom Griffiths, founder of the website, noted that employers may also value the sort of skills that people can acquire on such getaways.

One way for Brits to try and make sure that a trip is memorable for all the right reasons is to get a travel insurance policy that covers them for every part of their getaway and every country they plan to visit.

An unexpected incident which needs money to put right could prove costly and if it cuts too much into the holiday budget, could see gap year travellers have to return home early.

Recent figures from Travlex showed that 78 per cent of those who have lost their jobs now plan to take a grown-up gap year.