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Green holidays 'popular' among Brits

26 January 2009 12:10

Green holidays 'popular' among Brits

Increasing numbers of Britons heading abroad are opting for green, socially responsible holidays, according to one expert. has claimed that, while many people are even choosing to stay in the UK for their holidays, many more are heading away from short-haul flights and looking for an authentic travel experience.

"People are more aware of the issues around climate change and in addition to the 'green' issues, we are becoming more aware of the positive and negative impacts that tourism can have on local communities and cultures too," said a spokesperson.

"Responsible tourism is about maximising the positive impacts of tourism on the environment, local people and cultures."

She added that authentic travel, now not only limited to those backpacking around the world, is becoming more popular.

"People want to really experience a place, to try local foods and meet local people and learn about the real culture at the heart of a community and destination," she said.

But experts warn that those looking for a rugged, green experience should make sure they have adequate travel insurance to cover them if anything goes wrong.

Martin Rothwell, Senior Partner World First Travel Insurance, says:

We're seeing more and more people who are travelling abroad yet are keen to ensure they reduce their carbon footprint at the same time and as a result we have recently started to support a number of green initiatives whilst developing our own enviromental policies.