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New audio phrasebook could give travellers better security

28 October 2008 08:20

New audio phrasebook could give travellers better security

The new wave of audio phrasebooks being launched by traditional travel guides could help to keep backpackers more secure when they are in foreign countries.

That is according to one technology expert, who pointed out that not only will such applications help travellers get around unfamiliar lands, they could also come in handy in emergency situations.

"For travellers, having a means of communication gives them some security and backpackers will probably be going to countries where people don't speak English, and they can't speak the language or read the signs," explained Bas Jaburg, company technical officer at Steape.

"It could be really useful in this situation. If you are in an emergency and you need to call a doctor it could be really useful."

The comments come as research conducted by leading travel publisher Lonely Planet found that 80 per cent of travellers 'always' or 'sometimes' carry their mobile phone with them when they are on the road.