Sleepy savers should insure, says STA

26 January 2009 11:16

Sleepy savers should insure, says STA

Young travellers choosing to skimp on hotels by catching overnight InterRail trains through Europe should check they have adequate travel insurance, according to STA.

The youth travel specialist said that booking overnight trains was a great way to save money and wake up at your destination, but warned that without adequate cover the costs of replacing even the most basic travel items could rack up quickly.

The pain of loss or theft is all the more acute when all of your belongings are in one place, so the purchase of good travel insurance is a must, the firm insists.

"Take insurance," a spokeswoman for STA said. "With all your possessions in one bag, it is advisory to take adequate travel insurance.

"Also, make sure your insurance also covers the loss/theft of your InterRail pass."

It is food for thought for the 230,000 young people who take a gap year each year, 25 per cent of whom do not have adequate insurance cover, according to a survey by ADNFCR-1320-ID-18468093-ADNFCR

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