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Volunteer breaks can boost CVs

25 March 2009 15:23

Volunteer breaks can boost CVs

People who take out backpacking travel insurance and fly abroad to volunteer can boost their CVs with a variety of impressive skills, it has been claimed.

According to remote expeditionary specialist Gapforce, taking part in foreign voluntary work shows a willingness to get involved in important issues and help other people.

Nadia Daer, a trekker coordinator for the company, suggested that it is a "meaningful way of travelling", adding that there are "so many skills that you can then put on your CV".

"You're always going to pick up lots of experience from working abroad," she said.

According to research by One Life Live, some 350,000 people have taken a break from work to travel or volunteer overseas in the past year.

The most desirable gap year destination was identified as the US (43 per cent), followed by Australia (39 per cent), New Zealand (32 per cent) and Asia (24 per cent).