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Cruise passengers given more rights

03 January 2013 09:12

Cruise passengers who suffer delays can now seek compensation

Cruise passengers who suffer delays can now seek compensation

People booking cruise tickets have been awarded more protection after new EU laws were introduced.

Customers who took flights or travelled by train were able to claim refunds for delays, but now cruise and ferry passengers who suffer delays to their journey will also be able to seek compensation.

The compensation rate will depend on the length of the delay and can vary from 25 per cent to 50 per cent of the price paid for the ticket.

Disabled passengers are also being offered the same rights to compensation as they would receive on other forms of transport as well as easier access to ferries and cruise ships.

Even with the new protection passengers planning a cruise are advised to take out the appropriate cruise travel insurance policy.

The Passenger Shipping Association, which handles complaints for maritime passengers, said it had worked with the Department for Transport for two years in order to bring in the new changes and to give customers a better deal.