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Cruises 'surging' in popularity

26 January 2009 11:39

Cruises 'surging' in popularity

Cruises are the latest vogue for British holidaymakers, with millions expected to head to the open seas in 2008, according to Holiday Which? magazine.

Although traditionally the preserve of the retired and over-50s, the cruise market is opening up and continuing to attract families and younger cruises, with newly weds in particular increasingly taking holidays on cruise liners.

Claire Lilley, head of research at Holiday Which? explained: "If you look in the trade press, the number of new cruise ships being launched this year is phenomenal really. And these are massive ships being launched in the UK alone."

She added that people are "beginning to realise that they're not as restrictive as maybe they once would have thought".

Cruisers can see a great deal on a 14-day trip and "the facilities onboard these boats are fabulous", she said.

Cruise travel insurance is vital for those looking to take a break on an ocean-going vessel, although activity travel insurance is also necessary for those wishing to indulge in many of the pursuits available at stop-off locations, such as horse riding and paragliding.