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Day trips Down Under mooted with super jet

26 January 2009 11:23

Day trips Down Under mooted with super jet

A British firm is currently working on a hypersonic plane which could jet passengers from London to Sydney in less than five hours.

Although nervy fliers will want to make sure they have their travel insurance fully booked before they travel, the new A2 aeroplane could replace current jumbo jets and reach speeds of up to 4,000 mph.

Designed by Reaction Engines in Oxfordshire, the plane would be twice the size of conventional jumbos and carry up to 300 passengers.

Although still in the concept stages, the company claims the aircraft could be operating within 25 years, reaching a sustained speed of 3,800 mph – over twice the speed of the now retired Concorde.

"The A2 is designed to leave Brussels international airport, fly quietly and subsonically out into the north Atlantic at mach 0.9 before reaching mach five across the North Pole and heading over the Pacific to Australia," Alan Bond, the head of Reaction Engines, told the Times.

Fares would be comparable to the current price of a round-the-world ticket at around £3,500 and it could even create the possibility of day trips to Australia.