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British Airways flags up 2010 holiday hotspots

18 November 2009 07:04

British Airways flags up 2010 holiday hotspots

Cape Town in South Africa has topped a list of the best places to visit in 2010, as the country is expected to attract almost half a million football fans when it hosts the World Cup in June.

According to a poll by British Airways, the destination offers "stunning beaches, mountains and vineyards", which could make it the ideal place for a holiday as well as a visit to a football match or two.

"Cape Town has always been a popular destination, we expect the World Cup to push it to the top of the long-haul league table as the best place to be in 2010," said Sue Botes, British Airways' commercial manager in South Africa.

Before jetting out to the region, Brits may want to check that their travel insurance policy covers them for any problems they could have on their sporting trip.

Next year's tournament will be the first held in the country and will feature 31 international teams as well as the host nation's squad.

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