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Prague 'could be ideal for Christmas shopping'

17 November 2009 07:13

Prague 'could be ideal for Christmas shopping'

Brits wondering where to jet off to for a winter shopping break could find Prague an ideal destination, it has been noted.

Due to the wide range of different areas which the city boasts, people may be able to find they get an interesting shopping experience and also save money on their purchases, noted a spokesperson for Czech Tourism.

They went on to say that for a "special" Christmas purchase, people could head to the city's designer boutiques, with Parizska the best place to head to for luxury goods.

When heading overseas to do their Christmas shopping, Brits may want to check that their holiday insurance policy covers any damage to their new purchases.

And Prague may prove to be such a cheap place to visit that Brits have plenty of cash left for travel insurance cover, with a recent poll from Post Office Travel Services showing that for a certain set of Christmas gift items, the city was nine per cent cheaper than Paris.

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