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Demand for US travel plummets

14 November 2016 07:54

Donald Trump's shock election could result in one million fewer travellers to the US

Donald Trump's shock election could result in one million fewer travellers to the US

Demand for flights to the United States has nosedived since Donald Trump won the US presidential election, a study shows.

Travel search engine says global demand has fallen by almost a third in recent days, and by almost 10% in the UK.

The company says the drop is "significant", especially as the US is one of the most-searched-for destinations among Britons.

Suzanne Perry of Kayak said: "With 1.5 billion searches conducted on Kayak websites every year, the impact of US elections on the USA as a destination is very significant - we're talking big numbers here.

"The data demonstrates that since the election result, demand and interest in going to the States really has nosedived, and the increase in searches from the US would indicate that many who are currently based there are looking to get a break from reality."

One million fewer travellers to US

Joel Brandon-Bravo, UK managing director for Travelzoo, said: "Following confirmation of a win for Donald Trump in the presidential election, we're now forecasting an unstable 2017 for US tourism, with over one million UK travellers set to reconsider the country as a holiday destination."

One in five respondents to a Travelzoo survey conducted shortly before the election, said they would "definitely" not consider the US as a holiday destination if Mr Trump were to be elected.

Henry Harteveldt, the founder of Atmosphere Research Group, a travel industry research company, said: "If certain groups are targeted, if hate speech is tolerated against certain ethnicities, inbound travel will dry up."

There has also been a big increase in Americans looking for flights out of the US since Mr Trump's victory, up by 33% to Russia, 29% to France, to the UK by 19% and to Canada by 15%, reports Kayak.

Nationwide protests

The shock election result has prompted widespread protests across the United States. From New York to Chicago to California, hundreds of demonstrators marched through streets, many for the third straight night.

The controversial tycoon blames "professional protesters" for the demonstrations which have turned ugly in some cities.

Some 4,000 protesters surged into downtown Portland, Oregon, late on Thursday night with chants like "we reject the president-elect". Some smashed store windows, lit firecrackers and started a fire, causing police the police to term the protest as a riot.

Holidaymakers should take out travel insurance before flying to protect themselves against the nationwide disruptions.