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Get good deal on Euros for Venice Film festival

26 January 2009 08:33

Get good deal on Euros for Venice Film festival

Those who are planning to attend this year's Venice Film Festival should make sure that they get the best deal possible when buying their Euros. has advised Brits making their way to the prestigious event that "any extra Euros are sure to come in handy when stretching their spending money as far as possible".

As such, the firm has suggested festival goers consider using a currency card rather than buying their Euros at the "usual places".

Stephen Heath, chief executive of, observed that trips to Europe have become much more expensive now that the euro is so strong against the pound, to the extent that it may put some people off holidaying on the continent.

Nonetheless, he also noted that as long as people aimed to get the best currency deal they could still afford to have a good time.

Mr Heath commented: "Brits who get their currency from the usual places like the airport, high street, or using their bank's debit or credit cards overseas, may believe they are getting '0 per cent cost' or '0 per cent commission' foreign currency.

"However, the reality is they are paying hidden costs by way of the poor rate of exchange they receive."

The Annual Venice Film Festival started yesterday (Wednesday, August 27th).