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Travel essentials: passport, tickets, currency and iPhone apps...

05 July 2010 08:57

Travel essentials: passport, tickets, currency and iPhone apps...

Booking a holiday is just the start of planning your relaxing break away.  Once you’ve chosen your destination, arranged flights, transfers and travel insurance, there’s the challenge of getting ready to go.

Getting the suitcase, fitting all the clothes in, swotting up on the destination and must see sights and attractions, getting the right insurance, changing enough sterling, making sure you’ve got the right chargers and adapters, decanting any liquids into 100ml bottles and then making sure you’ve got the right apps on your smart phone.

Being connected and having information at our fingertips is becoming ever more important to people whilst on holiday.  A survey carried out by has found that 94 per cent of Brits have a strong desire to stay connected while overseas. Mobile phones were found to be the method of choice for 47 per cent of voters – a figure which has doubled since similar research was conducted two years ago.

The iPhone gives people the tools to have vast amounts of information available to them in seconds.  Whether its flight or transport information, currency conversion rates or destination guides, it’s all available to download at a touch of a button. 

New apps are becoming available on a daily basis and they are designed to enhance the experience of the individual and provide real time information.

Some of the most popular apps for travellers are:

  • Travel Visa Shake – check if you need a Visa for a foreign country
  • Lonely Planet Travel Guides – destination guides
  • Tripadvisor – reviews for hotels, restaurants and attractions
  • Packing List – plan your packing
  • TripIt Travel Organiser – puts all your travel plans onto your iPhone
  • FlightTrack Pro – Up to the minute flight information
  • XE Currency Converter – quick and easy conversion of more than 180 currencies
  • iTranslate – text translation of more than 50 languages
  • GeoTipper – A tipping guide for 42 countries
  • Lonely Planet Phrase Book – to help you be understood

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