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Sorry Kermit - apparently it is easy being green

19 February 2010 15:08

Sorry Kermit - apparently it is easy being green

If you've always dreamt of jetting off into the sunset with a view to giving something back to Mother Nature and her people, then you may be pleased to hear it could be a more realistic ambition than you think.

Jeremy Smith, who writes for Rough Guides, said that many people have a pre-conceived idea that eco-tourism is very expensive, which does not need to be the case at all.

He pointed out that a green break is usually more about connecting with the locals than staying somewhere only those with an unlimited bank balance can afford.

Indeed, he said that many destinations are now making an effort to develop their tourist industries along sustainable lines, so an eco-friendly holiday could take place closer to home than you expect.

For example, staying in a Greek village instead of the large tourist resorts and using public transport and the local shops could be considered a green trip.

However, there are opportunities to head further afield while still offsetting your carbon footprint.

"Laos and Costa Rica are both wonderfully beautiful places which have made huge efforts to make their tourism develop along sustainable lines where … you are more likely to go and stay somewhere green," Jeremy suggested.

We agree, since we love Costa Rica. Its biodiversity is staggering and a trip into its cloud forests will make you feel as though you've stepped back to the time of the dinosaurs.

And with animals like jaguars and toucans abundant, you could even find yourself involved in a conservation project while you're there.

According to the Co-operative Bank, we spent nine times more on eco-travel and transport in 2008 than we did in 1999, so clearly, plenty of people are now interested in turning their holidays green!

If you're looking at going on an eco-tourism trip, then you may need to tailor your travel insurance cover to meet your individual requirements.

For example, if you intend to carry out the trip as part of a wider holiday like a gap year, you'll probably need a multi-trip policy that includes extended cover.

If you want to do something volunteer-based but genuinely don't know what you'll be doing afterwards, then we can still help you.

Our insurance cover comes with 24-hour contact details, so you can give us a call at any time of day or night if you're adding something to your itinerary that will alter your insurance requirements.

Not only this, but 75 sports are insured for free, so you'll be covered whether you're saving sharks in South Africa or conserving turtles in Trinidad.

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