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Travellers 'still flouting rules'

20 July 2009 12:25

Travellers 'still flouting rules'

Many holidaymakers who travel by air are breaking security rules over the carriage of fluids in hand luggage, it has been revealed.

Figures from G4S Aviation Services show that 19 per cent of Brits have had items confiscated by security workers at airports.

While issues such as this can be avoided by properly reading the rules about fluid carrying, one problem which might be unavoidable for those who fail to get travel insurance is the financial cost of sorting out an incident on a holiday.

James Fremantle, industry affairs manager from the Airport Transport Users Council, said that there is evidence that people are actively trying to sneak items through airport security.

"It may be that they don't simply know but it is hard to tell why they are doing it," he commented.

Mr Fremantle said that people need to understand that taking more than the allowed limit of fluid is "not worth trying" as airports will find out.