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'Dynamic pricing' attracts holiday insurance shoppers to web

30 April 2009 06:48

'Dynamic pricing' attracts holiday insurance shoppers to web

When it comes to booking holidays and flights or renewing an annual travel insurance policy, a growing number of families are turning to the internet because of the "dynamic pricing" that it offers.

According to holiday insurance provider, people are much more conscious about their budgets in the current economic environment, and can find the cheapest deals online.

However, James Furse, managing director of the site, noted that price is not the only consideration, no matter how tough times may be.

Explaining the appeal of the internet, he suggested that browsing online is "so much easier than in the traditional days when you were walking around a high street flicking through brochures".

"The more dynamic pricing online gives you much more access to deals and offers. If you have a particular budget in mind, you can search by budget and destination."

Recently, published research indicating that 34 per cent of Brits spend a whole day online looking for the best holiday package, but 19 per cent are still not bothering to research exchange rates.