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Summer holidays 'getting more expensive'

26 January 2009 08:31

Summer holidays 'getting more expensive'

According to travel expert Bob Atkinson, a combination of strong foreign currencies and reduced availability of last-minute deals is driving up the price-tag of summer holidays.

He cited one recent report which suggested the cost of an average family vacation has skyrocketed by £400 in recent times, with the current economic turmoil only expect to add to woes.

Mr Atkinson commented: "What a lot of people may have found is that when they were looking for holidays this summer they would have noticed that what might have been quite cheap last year is now more expensive.

"It's more expensive … because the euro has strengthened significantly against the pound and therefore you get less for your pound in terms of holiday," he explained, adding that rising fuel prices were further compounding the situation.

Travel Weekly recent revealed that around five million UK consumers are planning to book their 2009 summer holiday before Christmas in order to secure the best deals.