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Advice for pregnant travellers

17 January 2012 09:03

Guidance has been offered to pregnant travellers

Guidance has been offered to pregnant travellers

The NHS has released advice for women wanting to travel while pregnant.

Although many women try to avoid travelling during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy due to nausea and exhaustion, for those that feel well enough there is no reason not to travel.

NHS consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist Sarah Reynolds says that while travelling while pregnant often worries women, if there are no complications and precautions are taken, travel can still be an option.

Restrictions for pregnant women do vary depending on how they are travelling. Ferries for example may refuse admission to heavily pregnant women such as those beyond 32 weeks, while cruises ships often have onboard facilities which can deal with pregnancies.

Before any journey, women should check with their travel operator to see if any restrictions are in place, and if they have any concerns they should always discuss them with their midwife or doctor.

While travelling, they should always check if tap water is safe. They are advised to try to avoid any food and water-borne conditions which can often affect travellers, such as stomach upsets, as some medicines for treating these issues cannot be taken during pregnancy.

Becoming ill while pregnant and away from home can be very stressful, so people should ensure they have good medical travel insurance in place before they go.