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Aggressive prostate cancer linked to height

14 July 2017 08:58

Researchers have identified a link between height and prostate cancer

Researchers have identified a link between height and prostate cancer

Researchers have highlighted a link between tall men and aggressive cases of prostate cancer.

Scientists at Oxford University say that among those suffering high-grade tumours, tall men are more likely to die.

An increased risk

Men saw their chances of contracting and then dying as a result of aggressive prostate cancers grow 21% and 17% respectively for every extra 10cm in their height.

There was however no link between height and overall prostate cancer risk. But researchers did find a link between weight gain and prostate cancer deaths.

Every year 46,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the UK. People with cancer can arrange specialist medical travel insurance should they want to take a holiday.

What the researchers say?

Lead researcher Dr Aurora Perez-Cornago, from Oxford University, said: "The finding of high risk in taller men may provide insights into the mechanisms underlying prostate cancer development, for example related to early nutrition and growth."

Susannah Brown, senior scientist at the World Cancer Research Fund, said: "This study supports our own research which also found an increased risk of prostate cancer in taller men."

The findings were published in the journal BMC Medicine.