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Alliance warns over obesity rates

27 June 2016 08:57

Obesity can be a killer, experts warn

Obesity can be a killer, experts warn

Millions of British people will be identified with potentially life-threatening conditions by 2035 because of weight problems, a new report warns.

The Obesity Health Alliance (OHA) says that over 7.6 million fresh incidences of disease connected to obesity or being overweight will come to light.

Cancer Research UK, the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges are among the members of the alliance, which calls the trend "worrying".

So what diseases are the alliance warning about?

• Type-2 diabetes (4.62 million new cases)

• Coronary heart disease (1.63 million)

• Strokes (680,000)

• Cancer (670,000)

Predictions for 2035

• The amount of obese or overweight adults will number roughly 40 million

• This will represent 69% and 76% of the female and male populations respectively

• The proportion of obese adults will hit about 40% compared to 30% today

• Roughly nine out of 20 adults will suffer obesity among the lowest wage earners

Guarding against the worst

Whether people are obese or suffering from related medical conditions, they can guard against the worst by taking out trusted medical travel insurance.

Most people get through their holiday with no health mishaps. But the minority who do not can face huge bills if they fall ill.

What the alliance wants

• Ministers to fast-track a childhood obesity plan. The campaign group says that 77,000 new disease diagnoses could be avoided if 1% fewer people put on extra weight every year over the next two decades.

• The Government to enforce tougher website marketing rules

• Guidelines to reduce how much food-based fat and sugar people consume

• The limitation of TV junk food ads

What the experts say

Cancer Research UK prevention director Alison Cox calls the new figures "shocking". Ms Cox, also an OHA member, says bold steps need to be taken to prevent tomorrow's generation facing shorter lives and more disease.

The Government says it will soon publish its childhood obesity plan.