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Asthma smartphone app launches

03 December 2012 09:36

A free mobile app has been launched to help people living with asthma

A free mobile app has been launched to help people living with asthma

A smartphone app for asthma patients has been launched by the Asthma Society of Ireland. Asthma Coach enables users to record their asthma symptoms, medicine use and peak flow, which they can then track and use to keep their condition under control.

The free app also enables users to share their asthma diary with their doctor or other healthcare professional if they want to. The app also includes advice videos on how to use inhalers correctly and guidance on what to do in an emergency situation.

Services such as free advice may be especially popular in Ireland because the country has the fourth highest rate of asthma in the world with around 470,000 people - one in 10 of the population - living with the condition. With Christmas approaching many people will be planning holidays, but sufferers should look into asthma travel insurance before jetting off.

The app has been launched for people living with the condition as part of the Asthma Society's efforts to "improve the quality of their life, their health outcomes and ultimately reduce the number of people dying of asthma every year", said the organisation's chief executive Sharon Cosgrove.