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Baddiel becomes dementia ambassador

29 March 2017 08:53

David Baddiel is hoping raise awareness to dementia

David Baddiel is hoping raise awareness to dementia

Writer and comedian David Baddiel recently made a film about how dementia had affected his family and now he has been named an ambassador of a dementia charity.

Baddiel's documentary told the story of his father Colin and his life with Pick's disease - a rare form of dementia that can see sufferers become uninhibited and prone to swearing.

The comedian has now been made an ambassador for the Alzheimer's Society.

Baddiel says he's 'delighted' to be working with the charity. A spokesperson for the Alzheimer's Society said the film, called The Trouble with Dad, had helped to shift some of the stigma surrounding dementia.

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The Trouble with Dad

Colin Baddiel is housebound and receives 24-hour care. The film explores the relationship between Colin and his two sons - David and Ivor.

The writer said he wanted to use comedy as a way of shining light on dementia - a subject that 'comes with a silence around it'.

The documentary was lauded by critics after its broadcast on Channel 4.

Baddiel said: "As a comedian, I've always been interested in talking about, and finding the comedy in, subjects that we as a society perhaps don't talk about and quarantine off from laughter.

"I prefer to resist this, and talk about it, through comedy, which is the best way I know how - not least to deal with my own sadness and anxieties."

Common ground

Baddiel said that in making the film he had not only raised awareness to dementia but also helped families affected by the disease find some common ground.

He said: "I'm delighted to be joining forces with Alzheimer's Society to continue this conversation, and to encourage people to unite against dementia so no-one has to face the condition alone."