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Bank reveals plans to become more 'dementia-friendly'

13 April 2017 10:25

A bank has announced plans to become more dementia-friendly

A bank has announced plans to become more dementia-friendly

A major bank has outlined plans to become more "dementia-friendly".

HSBC said it will be launching a wide range of initiatives to help make its services more accessible to those with the condition.

Among the plans is a guide to support customers living with the condition, which will offer advice on keeping track of spending and protecting against fraud.

The guide will initially be trialled in 10 branches but could eventually be rolled out nationwide.

Elsewhere, information sessions are being held with staff to boost their understanding of dementia.

Widening accessibility

A variety of services are now catering for people with dementia.

For instance, those with the condition can already access specialist medical travel insurance when jetting off on foreign holidays.

Working with charities

HSBC has been working with a number of charitable organisations, recognising that the memory loss and communication problems caused by dementia can make money management more difficult.

It has been working with the Alzheimer's Society and Alzheimer Scotland, with the group also committing to raise a sum of £3 million during a three-year partnership.

Other plans in the pipeline include the goal of making the HSBC website more accessible for people with dementia.

Its head of wealth and retail banking in the UK, Francesca McDonagh, said: "Through this partnership, training of our staff, the launch of the guide and the Dementia Friends information sessions, we hope to provide even more support to help people living with dementia feel assured that they are banking within a trusted environment."

Jeremy Hughes, chief executive of the Alzheimer's Society, said: "Visiting a bank branch can be an overwhelming task for a person with dementia.

"What many take for granted as easy everyday banking tasks, like remembering a Pin or other personal information, can suddenly become an unexpected challenge. Through this partnership with HSBC, we hope to create a space where those affected by dementia feel supported and treated as equal members of society."