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Boost for dementia research

27 February 2015 09:33

David Cameron has pledged to support dementia studies

David Cameron has pledged to support dementia studies

A new initiative which invites the public to help scientists try and unlock the mysteries of dementia begins this week.

A recent poll found that almost two thirds (62%) of the public would be willing to take part in dementia research, but many Britons do not know how to volunteer.

Over 850,000 UK people suffer from the condition. But progress into tackling it is thought to be hampered by a lack of research.

This is why David Cameron recently launched the Challenge on Dementia 2020 scheme. Mr Cameron said the Government would invest over £300 million into dementia studies as part of the scheme.

In addition, every NHS employee will get dementia-specific training in the near future.

On top of this, this week has now seen the launch of the Join Dementia Research programme.

This is a scheme which will make it more simple for adults to participate in dementia studies across Wales, Scotland and England.

Rest easy

Dementia problems mainly affect older people, although some sufferers are under 65.

But dementia need not be a barrier to enjoying a much-needed holiday.

Travel insurance is available to those with dementia, with policies helping holidaymakers to rest more easily before a trip abroad. It covers unexpected surprises during holidays.

How can you join in?

Adults can register to support Join Dementia Research either by phoning Alzheimer's Research UK or the Alzheimer's Society, or by going online.

What they are saying about Join Dementia Research

Sally Davies, England's chief medical officer, called the new scheme "superb".

She said that other areas could potentially benefit from a similar model to this project.

The expert called the recruitment targets "ambitious", but added that the scheme should ensure they can be adhered to.

Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, said such studies are "desperately needed".

He encouraged people to try the initiative's contact points to help to combat an ever-expanding condition.