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British volunteers choose Brazil

23 February 2012 10:57

Many volunteers are interested in ecological development

Many volunteers are interested in ecological development

Brazil is the most popular country for professional Britons deciding to volunteer overseas, according to UK organisation Projects Abroad.

Contributing factors for the South American country's popularity have included its stability, political system and economic growth.

Peter Slow, managing director of Projects Abroad, said: "Brazil, unlike China, is a democracy, which is much more attractive to investors and volunteers alike.

"The fact that Brazil is politically stable and is unlikely to undergo long-term civil unrest, unlike China, makes it attractive, he said.

"The punching power of Brazil as a whole has overtaken Britain because of the huge economic potential of people who live there." Mr Slow added.

"Brazil has a variety of natural resources to rely on, including gold and silver as well as oil offshore and minerals in the Amazon."

He also highlighted that British volunteers were focusing on contributing to Brazil's development while limiting the impact on the environment.

If you are thinking of volunteering abroad ensure you have comprehensive medical travel insurance to give you peace of mind and provide support when you need it most.