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Brits need to be more hygienic

20 June 2012 11:21

Brits are warned to be more hygienic or face catching infectious disease

Brits are warned to be more hygienic or face catching infectious disease

As the summer holidays approach and people start planning their trips abroad, British health experts have warned Britons that it's important to keep good hygiene practices or risk getting ill.

A study by The Global Hygiene Council found that more than 70% of Britons wash their hands less that they should, while 20% of people said that they would shake hands even if they knew their own hands were dirty.

When travelling abroad tourists are exposed to new microbes and germs, which makes hand-washing after a trip to the toilet even more important. Failure to wash your hands, we are warned could lead to you catching infections and diseases while on holiday.

The Dettol HABIT Study showed that people who fail to keep up with good hygiene practices get more infectious illnesses than people who follow basic hygiene guidelines.

Of course, not matter how careful you are, you cannot eliminate the chance of getting ill while on holiday, so getting protection from medical travel insurance is always advised.