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Daily tipple wards off diabetes

31 July 2017 08:39

A daily glass of wine could lower your chances of getting diabetes, say researchers

A daily glass of wine could lower your chances of getting diabetes, say researchers

A daily tipple could help guard against diabetes - provided people stay away from the gin.

That's according to a new study from researchers in Denmark, who say men and women can protect against diabetes by drinking alcohol on three or four days of the week.

Men saw their risk fall by more than a quarter (27%) compared to teetotallers. The fall was even greater for women at 32%.

People who already have diabetes can arrange specialist medical travel insurance before going on holiday this summer.

Wine most beneficial

Researchers pointed to wine when asked for the drink with the most beneficial effect in warding off diabetes. This, they say, is linked to the positive effect on blood sugar of chemical compounds in the wine.

Gin has become a most trendy tipple in recent years, but researchers urged women to stay away from it and also other spirits. Daily drinking of spirits saw women's chances of getting diabetes rise by 83%.

Scientists studied data on 70,551 men and women taking part in a large Danish health survey who were quizzed about their drinking habits and monitored for five years.

What the researchers say

The authors, led by Professor Janne Tolstrup from the University of Southern Denmark, wrote in the journal Diabetologia: "Our findings suggest that alcohol drinking frequency is associated with the risk of diabetes and that consumption of alcohol over 3 to 4 weekdays is associated with the lowest risks of diabetes, even after taking average weekly alcohol consumption into account."