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Dengue outbreak in Philippines

15 May 2012 09:05

Dengue fever can be spread by mosquitos

Dengue fever can be spread by mosquitos

A clean-up drive is under way across all areas of Zamboanga City following an outbreak of dengue in the Philippines.

The city's government has asked for the assistance of barangay officials in helping to clean the city. However, even though official action has been launched, people heading to the area are reminded to take out medical travel insurance before leaving home.

Dr Rodel Agbulos, the city health officer, held meetings with village officials last week to explain the outbreak of the fever.

Local health officers have also been given mosquito swatters alongside special chemicals to kill mosquito larvae.

The Zamboanga City Medical Centre is now full of dengue sufferers from both the city and nearby areas.

From January to April, there were 774 reported cases of the illness, an increase on the same period last year when there were just 361 cases.

Patients are being given medication by doctors to help treat the condition, but many are also taking a boiled herbal plant called tawa-tawa, which is said to help.