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Fake malaria medication risks lives

19 January 2012 09:27

A warning has been issued regarding fake malaria treatments

A warning has been issued regarding fake malaria treatments

Counterfeit malaria medication is risking millions of lives in Africa and elsewhere around the world, according to medical experts.

As well as failing to prevent the disease, the fake medications could also cause the condition to become resistant to existing treatments, it is feared.

The worrying findings were published as part of a study by researchers at the Wellcome Trust, Mahosot Hospital and Oxford University. Scientists looked at fake and poor-quality anti-bacterial malaria medicines that could be bought in 11 African countries between 2002 and 2010.

Many of the fake treatments are believed to have been produced in China, the study published in the Malaria Journal indicates.

The report's findings will serve as a stark reminder of the importance of comprehensive medical travel insurance for tourists looking to travel to malaria hotspots in Africa and elsewhere.