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Fears over severe asthma attacks

03 July 2012 09:33

Many asthma sufferers spend time in hospital, a survey showed

Many asthma sufferers spend time in hospital, a survey showed

Research has shown that serious asthma attacks have resulted in nearly a third of severe asthma sufferers being put on a life-support machine.

A study conducted by Novartis Pharmaceuticals found 28% of sufferers spent time on a life-support machine following a life-threatening asthma attack.

The company surveyed 333 people living with severe asthma and discovered that more than half feared their next attack, while a third spent time in hospital at least once a year.

More than two-fifths of those polled revealed they had to visit an accident and emergency centre at least once in the past year following a severe asthma attack.

When travelling overseas asthma sufferers are advised to be well-prepared, with foreign allergies and pollution making a pre-existing medical travel insurance policy essential.

Dr Dinesh Saralaya, consultant respiratory physician at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: "People with severe asthma whose asthma is not under control or who are experiencing regular attacks should discuss how to best manage the condition with their doctor.

"There are options available that can help them to lead full and happy lives, thereby reducing the economic and personal burden of this condition."